subject matter vs subject

After a brief daliance with 'Abstraction' I have returned to beach subject matter or people in swimwear (and sometimes not).Watercolours, a set on Flickr. I have been spending a good deal of my time looking for good source material off the net. I also vacationed in the Tenerife recently where I managed to capture some beach life directly. This to me is subject matter. Now what is the subject behind all these people lying around on beaches? Heat ? Leisure? Summer? Happiness.. and indeed if say the Subject is indeed 'Heat' is this the best way to express it? Why not a photo? why not a photo with a thermometer reading in it?


Fran Traina said...
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Fran Traina said...

Well, as I stated on flickr, I love your work. period.I think that you have to stick with what you feel the best at doing, the most comfortable.
I've come to realize it myself. I am at my best and move favorite when I have a micron marker and watercolors. I've got an ETSy shop and I'm rattling my brain trying to do something that will 'sell' and its driving me nuts. I came to my senses and realize I have to do what I like and stop chasing, the only path to serenity. Your work looks like your happy. IMO

Fran Traina said...

sorry for the BAD spelling and punctuation