Changing the narrative

I have recently been interested in exploring a very specific thing in painting. Specific in the sense that it is a particular moment in a particular scene in a film. I have on occasion  painted scenes from films and I am sure I am not alone in doing this. However I am not interested in sealing a special (film) moment in time or celebrating a memorable scene, like "play it (again) Sam" or "say hello to my little friend!" To me this would be akin to painting a kind of movie poster and I am not interested in doing that, although I may have done it unintentionally in the past. I guess that would also be considered a 'homage'.

What interests me is in playing with the narrative of the scene. In the example of the painting above, I have inserted a speech bubble above the character's head, a blank one as I was unsure as to what he would be saying. In the film this painting was derived from he actually does not speak at this point in the scene, but you probably get a sense of his agitation or controlled panic through his movement and the accompanying soundtrack as he tries to get away.

I like the idea of trying to stop or interject a different narrative at this point, in order to make the scene more contemplative, it is now after all a painting. I guess that's the point in a way, there isn't another scene coming along, that's all you're getting.  You could ask the question why paint this particular scene and if you do how do you paint it so it does not feel like a lead up to another.
I think in the example above this is partly done by the speech bubble, even though empty, it re-enforces this is a moment of hesitation for the character, a time to stop, stand back and observe, maybe think about his motivation. I do think the viewer of the painting needs to have a little bit of film knowledge for this to work, enough to tell them that it reminds them of some 1950s or 60s  film. I think this is important, as it will then have more resonance in terms of a change or stop in the action rather then just some bloke standing in front of some seaside town.

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