Ripping off Slim Aarons

In debt to Slim Aarons  or ripping off Slim Aarons, but then again so many have..let me see Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren ok you get the picture. After reading an interview with Aarons in a 2001 New York Times article  I am struck by his nonchalance and indifference to his influence to the world of fashion and advertising, he looked upon it with disdain seeing himself and his work as a realist doing documentary photography.

People sitting by a pool

Pool scene - oil on canvas 28 x 40 '' (based on a Slim Aarons photo)

Backgammon by the pool - (based on a Slim Aarons photo)


Beach Scene - San Tropez?  (based on a Slim Aarons photo)

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