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oil vs acrylic paint

Does acrylic painting allow the same amount of flexibility as oil?
Probably not. I dont think you get the same about of sublety as oil. Perhaps this has to do with the binder - linseed oil vs an acrylic polymer or water. I think the fact that oil does not dry as fast -in fact leaves the paint thinker and shinier for longer probably adds to the visual appeal. The viscosity of oil is greater so allows the paint to be sculpted and remain in place unlike acrylic which even when using a good medium will not be as flexible and the water rapidly evaporates leving little of what was originally on canvas in terms of paint body.
I do however like using acrylic on paper as when used with water can become as translucent as watercolour and I like watercolour. The other advantages are cleaning and health in terms of water vs white spirits. I also want to carry on using acrylic on canvas for longer as I want to see how far i can take it in terms of getting more out of it in terms of colour and effect. On occassion it does suprise me and i still want to mix it with other waterbased media just to see how it will react. So before I pack it in and switch back to oil I will give it some more time and who knows, as the saying goes...something about those who wait..
-Above is a recent acrylic work of mine.